Water treatment


Waste water treatment refers to all processes aiming at cleaning up waste water before its return in the nature or its reuse.

CMD offers its Durand® worm gearboxes, its ERmaster® helical reducers and ERsun® planetary reducers as well as its Flexacier® grid couplings or Flexident® gear couplings, for the drive of pumps and decanters.

Waste treatment


Household waste is discharged into a tier which is 50 meters long and is fermented (methanization) during three days, before being screened, and being transformed into recoverable matter.

CMD offers mechanical drive systems of power transmission for the kilns :

  • With standard drive including the FerryNod® girth gear, the pinion and its bearings, the main reducer and its couplings, as well as the barring drive.

  • With a KGD® drive designed on the CMD Bogiflex® model. It is therefore a floating and self-aligning system which enables to avoid all tiers motion and distortion with are inherent in this sector.

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