Sugar juice is extracted from the sugar cane in the mill house

This process starts by preparing the cane through a knife cutter and a shredder. The cane is then crushed (milled) in a series of mills that require heavy torque input, and are therefore driven by large size gearboxes.

CMD offers three families of reducers that are specifically adapted to the application of sugar cane mills : CANEflex® and CANEmaster® can be used for the central drive of all sizes of mills. The ERsun® for the central drive of small size mills, pressure feeders, and individual drives for any size of mill.


Horizontal cane diffuser


The cane diffusion consists in moving the cane fiber very slowly on metallic chains or plates through a diffuser, where the fiber is abundantly sprayed with hot water. The water then collects the sugar from the fiber. The movement of the chains or plates requires the rotation of the diffuser shaft, at very slow speed and with high torque.

CMD offers the ERsun planetary gearboxes range for diffuser application.



The sugar juice is processed in vacuum sealed boilers, where fine crystals are inserted in order to start the crystallization, which leads to obtaining the ‘’Massecuite’’.

CMD proposes Durand worm gearboxes and ERsun planetary gearboxes as drive systems for horizontal or vertical crystallizers.

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