For more than 50 years, CMD have mastered the manufacturing of compressor rotors and screws, thanks to the very high precision of its cutting and grinding process.

A specific building dedicated to rotors and screws was opened in 2012. Located in our Fourchambault factory, in the center of France, it is accurately climate controlled and dedicated to precision manufacturing.

  • Screw compressor rotors
  • Hydraulic pumps screws
  • Serial production of worms

As a sub-contractor, CMD offers the following capacities :

  • Manufacturing of prototypes as well as serial production (50 – 1500 pcs / yr)
  • Thread grinding up to Ø 400mm – threaded length up to 1400mm
  • Grinding quality ISO 5
  • Thread measurement : profile, pitch, parallelism, division, pcd
  •  Backlash measuring Bench

CMD will ensure absolute confidentiality during all steps of product life : design and tuning of the product, prototype(s) manufacturing, and serial production.

Compressor screws and rotors are used in mainstream industry, for air compressors, fluid transfer, lifting Equipment…