CMD provides a complete range of drives systems, offering high quality and reliability equipment specifically designed for pulverizing applications in the power generation sector.


Horizontal mills


Ball mills are used for grinding of coal and pet coke.

CMD offers complete mechanical drives systems for those horizontal ball mills:

  • Lateral drive systems

CMD is able to supply all the main components of the kinematic chain (toothed ring gears, pinions, support bearings, main gear reducers ERmaster®, inching drives).

  • Central drive systems

CMD offers its range of planetary reducers ERsun®, as well as the couplings and inching drives.

Vertical mills


Vertical coal mills are an alternative to the conventional horizontal ball mills.

CMD offers its range of bevel helical and planetary gear reducer Rollerex®.  CMD can replace any existing reducer, by offering tailor made designs, insuring full interchangeability.

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