The HAFLEX is a split torque reducer usually set up with 2 pinions but can also come with 4 pinions, that are balanced under load to drive the main wheel with optimal distribution of mechanical force.

There are two installation possibilities :

  • either floor mounted, as a traditional gearbox would be,
  • or floating (shaft mounted). The latter version is more broadly seen, as floor connections are easier due to elimination of alignment and shimming operations.

The HAFLEX enables transmission of high torque at low speed and comes in a wide range of sizes and reduction ratios. 

The HAFLEX is adapted to numerous applications. In the steel industry, it is used on converters, sinter lines and sinter breakers for example. It is also used in the sugar industry, on horizontal diffusers, mixers, sugar cane mills, and also in mining and excavation activities, on bucket wheels, on bucket dredgers… Le HAFLEX is present in many other industrial sectors and applications. 

The HAFLEX is much appreciated by German engineering companies and is present all over the world.

  • 10 different sizes 

  • wide torque range: up to 3 500 kNm  

  • reduction ratios: up to 10 000  

  • weight: up to 56 tons





  • Torsion bar and / or damper (on floating mounting)
  • Dynamometric damper (fixed mounting)
  • Electronic monitoring (option)
  • Accommodates bending, missteps, ect.., of the driven shaft (floating version)