Girth Gears

Ferry-Capitain, sister company belonging to Groupe CIF, designs and manufactures large open gears & pinions. As off today, more than 2,200 cast steel gears and more than 1,100 gears made of nodular cast iron and FerryNod®, a material developed and patented by Ferry-Capitain have been manufactured.

CMD, with the collaboration of Ferry-Capitain, provides all services such as: facility diagnostics, on-site surveys, calculation of load capacities, definition and optimization of the design of products and their material, resizing of assembly bolts parts of the gear (in half or quarter), manufacturing, control with machine meshing test if necessary, installation on site and maintenance assistance.

The service life of the bearings installed on the pinion (s) is also calculated and taken into account.





  • Diagnostic
CMD has a team of specialized technicians to carry out complete diagnosis of the installations by visual inspection; teeth molding, measurements of temperatures in teething area, vibratory analysis.
CMD ensures the interchangeability of spare parts by a series of dimensional measurements on the original equipment.
  •  Calculations / Technical studies
CMD and Ferry-Capitain with their Engineering departments and their finite element analysis software, are able to design all gears according to their own experience and following the international standards (AGMA-DIN-ISO).
  •  Manufacturing and implementation
Modern equipment for molding and casting techniques ensure optimum quality of the materials poured by our foundries. The machining and cutting means ensure the production of parts as per required quality.
Customer Support and Maintenance CMD technicians can help for mounting supervision and commissioning.
  •  Capacities
- Heat treatment: 12m x 6m x 3.5m or Ø 9m
- Machining: 16 m
- Boring: 16m x 3.5m
- Cutting: 16 m - module 60 mm