Flexident Junior

Flexident Junior is a flexible gear coupling, 100 % steel made. AGMA sizes from 15 up to 50 (AGMA 516.01/AGMA9008-B00).

Torque from 700 Nm up to 41 500 Nm for shaft diameters from 35 up to 180 mm.

Flexident Senior

Flexident Senior is a curved tooth flexible coupling, 100 % steel made. « Ultra » compact, developed through the Finite Element Technique.

Torque from 1200 Nm up to 7 780 kNm for shaft diameters from 38 to 800 mm.

Flexident Z

Flexident Z is in compliance with French Steel Industry Standard (Sid 545 604-A). SID sizes from 30 up to 650

Torque from 1860 Nm up to 4 630 kNm for shaft diameters from 35 up to 820 mm.

Winflex T

Winflex T is a flexible grid coupling, 100 % steel made.

Torque from 90 Nm up to 800 kNm for shaft diameters from 28 up to 550 mm.

Winflex DG

Winflex DG, tapered grid coupling, fully interchangeable with US standard (Falk Steelflex…).

Sizes from 1020 T10 up to 1200 T10.

Winflex 9000

Winflex 9000, an optimized and compact range, perfectly suitable for OEMs.

Nominal torque from 950 Nm up to 26500 Nm for shaft diameters from 45 up to 200 mm.

Winflex TAC

An alternative to Winflex T, for corrosive environments

Torque from 90 Nm up to 800 kNm, for shaft diameters from 28 up to 550 mm.


Ingineering, R&D

CMD enjoys an internal developing department : coupling design, calculation and adaptation.

Special couplings

A specific developing department is especially dedicated to working out special couplings :

  • Significative desalignment for Steel Mill (Spindles)
  • Clutch couplings
  • Telescopic couplings
  • Electrically insulated couplings

Our Added Value

CMD benefits from state-of-the-art, high capacity, quality installations.

  • Tooth grinding
  • 3D control
  • Service


With more than 100 years of expertise in mechanical engineering, CMD is able to replace all couplings’ brands. Non-exhaustive list of the brands for which we proposed a 100% interchangeable CMD couplings, by optimizing and improving the existing equipment performance :


Brands Product replace by CMD Replacement CMD couplings
Flender ZAPEX ZGN, ZW Flexident® Senior, Z
ZIN Flexident® Junior, Senior
Regal Kopflex FAST, KOPPERS Flexident® Junior, Senior, Z et SP
Rexnord Lifelign, G20, G51 Flexident® Junior, Senior
Renold Gearflex, HD Flexident® Senior et SP
Ajax Flexident® Junior, Senior, Z et SP, Spindle CMD
Dodge Baldor DGF Flexident® Junior, Senior
Lovejoy Hercuflex, Herculon, FARR SIER-BATH Flexident® Senior et SP
SMS ZR Sieflex Flexident® Senior et SP
Altra Bibby Ameridrives AGMA FD, AMERIGEAR, F series Flexident® Junior, Senior et SP
Xtek, Poole FULLFEX Flexident® Senior et SP, Spindle CMD
Lufkin/Comelor AFG, AFX, AFL, AFC Flexident® Z
AFC Flexident® Senior
AGD Spindle CMD


Brands Product replace by CMD Replacement CMD couplings 
Rexnord Falk Steelflex T10 Winflex® DG
T20 Winflex® DG Flexacier® T
T31/T35 Flexacier® PA
T41/T44 Flexacier® TBR, TLC
T50 Flexacier®CB
F Flexacier® T
Regal JAURE KOPFLEX Record, Kopgrid Winflex® DG Flexacier® T
Timken Lovejoy Grid Winflex® DG
Baldor Dodge Gridlign Winflex® DG
Malmedie Mill Couplings Flexacier® T et SP
Bibby 2000 Winflex® DG
54 series Flexacier® T
old resilient series Flexacier® T
A, B, C, H, FK, FX Flexacier® T et SP