Heavy duty mixers


CMD has developped a specific extension from the  ERmaster® helical gearbox range, dedicated to the heavy duty mixers drives. Effective sealing systems at gearbox output is provided, as well as a robust design for the output bearings, for coping with significant radial & axial loads. Casings are calculated with finite element analysis for increased rigidity in line with torques & loads.

Thickeners – Clarifiers


CMD has developped special drives for thickeners & clarifiers, based on DURAND® worm gears ZA profile, particularly adapted to low speed operations.

The lower the speed, the greater the torque capacity for ZA gear ; also the « enveloping » worm teeth allows maximum bending resistance in case of rake blocking inside the tank. For easiness of operation, CMD has also included continuous torque measurement and associated control pack, to allow for real time survey and process optimization.

Mills, rotary kilns & dryers, mixing & sintering drums


CMD can also propose proven solutions for driving any kind of mills & rotary tubes, either for cold or hot processes.

CMD designs & manufactures complete drive solutions between the motor & the rotary tube : FerryNod® girth gear, pinion with bearings Main gearbox (helical) ERmaster® or (planetary) ERsun® with associated couplings (grid) Flexacier®/Winflex® or (gear) Flexident®.

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