Horizontal Ball Mill


Ball mill is an equipment used for grinding raw material and clinker.

  • Lateral drives

CMD offers a range of conventional drives (ring gears, pinions, pillow blocks, gear reducers and auxiliary drives) and a range of integrated side drives Millrex®

  • Central Drives

CMD offers a range of planetary reducers ERsun® and a range of split torque gear reducers Jumborex®, as well as a range of gear couplings Flexident® and grid couplings Winflex®, and a range of auxiliary drives for power ranging up to 8000 kW.

Vertical Roller Mills


Roller mills are an alternative to horizontal ball mills.

CMD offers a range of bevel-helical-planetary gear reducers Rollerex® up to 3500 kW. CMD can provide engineering services for evaluating necessary adaptations for replacing existing gearboxes that will guaranty interchangeability.



Raw material travel through precalciners before entering a rotating horizontal cement kiln.

CMD offers a range of mechanical power transmission systems for driving cement kilns.

  • Conventional drive systems which include ring gears, pinions with pillow blocks, main gear reducers up to 2000kW, couplings and auxiliary drives.
  • KGD® drive systems inspired by CMD’s legendary Bogiflex® floating and self-aligning drives, thus capable of absorbing shell movements and deformation generated by the process.  


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