Repair and Refurbisment

KREISKOTT gearboxes

With over 100 years of experience designing mechanical power transmission, CMD is able to repair, maintain and upgrade the performance of your KREISKOTT gearbox. For exemple, the refurbishment of the gearbox FGHZ 340. A team of technicians and engineers dedicated to our renovation services oversees the revamping and the optimization of your gearbox, while reducing duration of the overhaul to minimize down time. We can repair gears, bearings, pinions, couplings and other related mechanical parts of all brands. Our Scope of services for your gearbox includes:

  • Inspection & diagnostic
    • US inspection
    • Magnetic particle inspection
    • Checking vibrations
    • Checking gear contact pattern
    • Checking bearing clearance
    • Inspection on our 3D checker for gears and housing
  • Repair and rebuild
  • Servicing

Sourcing and manufacturing of replacement parts interchangeable with KREISKOTT components


CMD is also offering on request field services for supervising gearbox installation. For more information or a quotation on the repair and refurbishment of KREISKOTT gearboxes, please contact CMD Service at: