BOGIFLEX is a split torque gearbox, shaft mounted – thus with a direct connection to a machine shaft without coupling – forces being transmitted through a torsion bar assembly.

The Bogiflex gearbox is self-aligning, with the advantage of having a perfect gear meshing between pinion and wheel whatever the deformation of the shaft of the driven machine.

Perfectly adapted to transmissions with very high torque at low speeds, it perfectly meets the high requirements of strategic machines in the steel, cement, sugar and other special applications industries.

The Bogiflex gearbox design in assembled independent modules, and the  high reduction ratios that can be  achieved with a limited number of reduction stages and mobiles parts, significantly increase the reliability and thus the machine service rate of our customers.

  • 12 different sizes: design in central drive on machine shaft or in lateral drive on girth gear of large diameter. Special studies to adapt it to the constraints and specific requirements of our customers
  • Wide torque range: 15 000 kNm
  • Reduction ratio: up to 10 000
  • Weight up to 50 tons





  • The self-aligning property of gears allows independent meshing conditions from the deformations and movements of the driven machine, which ensures a perfect distribution of the contact pressure along the gear teeth.
  • The Bogiflex gearbox is suitable for applications generating very high loads, and is suitable for impact applications.
  • Many options and adaptations can be applied to the Bogiflex gearbox, such as mechanical safety devices, measuring instrumentation. Bogiflex gearbox design facilitates predictive maintenance.